Run : The Fitness Story in a Year, July - Oct 2016

The first half of 2016 can be read here.
This is the second half of the fitness story for this year :

July :
  • Total run : 5.5 km
  • Goal update : 194/250km
  • Super lazy + busy month.


August :
  • Total run : 50 km
  • Goal update : 200/250km
  • We trained for the up-hill track because our 10km trail run in Bromo was getting near. We went to Bukit Jalil park, Bukit Komanwel Park, and Putrajaya for our training during the weekend. Sometimes we went to the gym when we can't go out running. 


September :
  • Current total run : 37.5 km
  • Total walk : 3 km
  • Goal update : 250/250km - completed !
  • New running goal : 365km by 31st December 2016
  • Bromo Marathon 2016 - Af and I entered the Bromo 10km Run, read here for the full story.
  • I just bought a new running shoe from Power : Play On at Bata after I got back from Indonesia. The old one has been over-worn, it's time for a new running shoes. I've been using Power since I first started running in 2013. The second shoe lasted almost around 600km of running + jogging, for the past 2-3 years without any injuries. Even though it was cheaper than most famous running shoes, for me, these shoes are the best running shoes that I've used. Personally I feel that what matters is a workable shoes for my running sessions. For less than RM 70, I can run for 2 more years. I believe that anyone can run, using how much they afford to spend, be it Power shoes, be it second-hand running shoes from pasar malam, be it hand-down shoes from your siblings. Those famous brands they printed outside of the shoes doesn't represent anything in your runs, so don't ever feel bad or ashamed of what's there on your body because none of the materialistic items represent who you are. Remember, that the early marathoners in those old days never wear any running shoes or fancy equipments. So you can just use what's enough for you :) 
  • Since I can no longer use my iPhone for running tracking because my iPhone is getting older and not-so battery efficient. I bought a pedometer to track my running distance and Casio watch to track the time. I'm pretty sure I won't be buying any smartwatch anytime soon in my life, except if one day they will make a kiddy-size watch for my super-small wrist. So I opted for a small size digital watch like the ones I wore in high-school. 
  • Bought the pedometer before I went to Indonesia, it worked like magic, stopped when it needed to, activated again when I continue running/walking. Pedometer is an old-technology, so anyone can get it, it's quite cheap. It tracks the distance, the steps, and the calories burned. I've always wanted to buy it since I first started running. Only less then RM 20. We are now best-friends :  
  • I also signed up for my first half-marathon this November - seeing that I run 10km by myself in most of my weekly training, I think I can try to upgrade my running length. Training starts already, I have 2 months to go. I have to train for more than 10km runs from now on. Managed to ask my brother to join the event as well, for moral support. I might need it. 

October :
  • Current total run : 55 km, 
  • Total walk : 10.5 km 
  • Goal update : 317 / 365 km
  • I already started my training - a bit late, because I was having vertigo and rested for a week. I'm trying to go running at least 3 times per week. But then, I went running only 9 times this month, mostly on weekends because I'm too lazy to go after work on normal week day :D

November :
  • Putrajaya Night Marathon - I signed up for my first 21 km - half marathon
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