Little Things 222 : 2nd Haul from Taobao/Ezbuy

I'm thankful for the website where I can buy many cute stationaries like this exist : Taobao/Ezybuy/65daigou. Not quite sure why they got so many names but they are actually the same company. 

This time, instead of washi tapes, I bought label stickers and postcards specially for my Etsy buyers *because I love to make them happyyy. I chose the slowest shipping possible so that I can reduce the shipping fees and I also chose McDonald self-pick local delivery for free. Unfortunately I forgot the exact date of the delivery : which was the first week during Raya and I was in Pekan. So they picked another date and texted me that morning of the event instead. I had to call ma and asked her to wait at McDonald for the delivery van at 12pm sharp.

2 nights ago, I stopped by at the apartment to pick it up. Here's my happy happy stuffs for my nice Etsy customers all over the world. If you noticed, 2 of the label stickers are the same stickers that Kiwa sent to me, I like it so much I had to buy it for myself. Note : Most of Kiwa's washi tapes were used to send all Etsy stuffs : 


And these cute postcards are used to write some notes to people that buy stuffs from me online and choose to use snail mail to receive the items ordered from me. I used up all my pattern papers and cute paper stationaries in all previous posted items so I thought to buy nice illustrated postcard that people would enjoy this time. 

Note : So if you appreciate the joy of waiting for snail mail and would like to exchange cute stationaries which me, don't hesitate to tell me :D

2nd Note :
Also got additional free box of postcards with various of sky images as well. Not quite sure why they sent it up to me. So I'm also going to pass this around too. Let's exchange stuffs with me!

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