Work Related : #Wushaf by CelebrateTv


This was a project collaboration with CelebrateTv.

I remember they called me late in the afternoon, explaining about the video project for Walimatulurus Shahrol Shiro + Anna Danisha. They asked whether I was free during that time and if we could meet and discuss more if I was interested. 

I just received the news about the second round of Freepik test that I needed to submit in 5 days time so I was a bit worried. I wanted the Freepik job and I thought the #wushaf project was also interesting as well. Talked with Af about it and decided that I should go for the meeting that week at their office to know more about it.

They asked me to come up with several test illustrations in 3 days. I didn't really know what they have in mind, and my strokes are quite limited to only the things that I'm used to *especially seeing that they are planning on the production in 10 days time. I was worried sick, I really wanted the job, and Freepik's exam was important too. So I didn't have enough sleep for several days, I woke up really early in the morning around 4-5am and slept way pass the time that I should, I didn't go out for my run, my period didn't came out and all. I was really stressed out. 

Here's what I came out with :

Originally, I thought that what they wanted was a clean-hand-drawn stroke illustrations that I always use. So this is what I sent to them for a test timeline :

I printed all out and we set for another meeting to discuss on what they really want and need from what I can offer. They said they really like the clean turquoise-white colour combo, so they opted for that and they also really like the rough sketch-like illustration like the one I did in the test montage page. I personally didn't like that one because it looked a bit too sketchy for me, and that was even my last option in the draft. But they asked if I could produce something like that for all the illustrations and they will decide on it later. 


I sent more of these to them and they liked it. So they confirmed with the sketchy-vector style illustration :o I usually use this for sketches only and I'm a bit visually OCD with the whole unfinished look. But, what client think matters. Ha. They extended the production timeline to 3 weeks and gave me more time to churn it the storyline that they passed me. I had 10 more days to complete all illustrations needed.  

They gave me a detailed storyline so I can read the story and a rough storyboard scene-by-scene so I can refer to it. I've never work with a production company and the exposure was a good learning experience for me.

I illustrated scene by scene based on provided storyboard so all the sizes will be consistent and not awkwardly obvious from the other. The thickness and size of each illustration are importante !

Afterwards, illustrations were saved ready to be printed on A4 paper, so clients can easily print it out. I did everything in vectors, any changes can be made easily if needed. Stroke lines are far heavier than outlined strokes so, I need to save in different file completely for all the confirmed illustrations. Example of later to be printed pages :


Right after I finished all the illustrations for the scenes, I passed it to them and they did all the awesome work. By that time, I was too busy with Freepik task and didn't want to spoil my possibly long-time relationship with Freepik so I had to focus fully on it. I never joined in for the making of the animation and recording. Here I picked up some photos from CelebrateTv production team :

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Finally several weeks later, it is scheduled to be on air : 23rd April, 30 April and 7 May at 9.00pm on Astro Ria. We don't have Astro at home, so we missed the first episode - my family and Af's family watched from their homes anyway and that was good enough. 

This is the sneak peek shared in their facebook :

I am quite happy because I manage to tell my family what I do now for living. It is hard to explain to people what I actually do when they found out that I'm currently working from home in front of the computer all the time kan. So, this helps a lot :) *My uncles and aunties especially.

Personal strawberries on the top thanks to CelebrateTv team  : 
Shahrul, En. Fauzee, Kak Nazura, Paan, Abg. Azrai, En. Faiz, and everyone in Manggis/CelebrateTV production team.  

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  1. Loove! So gigih the team, with tiny cutting & setting up the pieces!

    I can relate to what you said about explaining to people on what you do. I suppose people can't help but sideline anything that isn't a steady-paying, 8-5 job! :/

    1. And having my mom asking me :
      "So, it has been 2 months, are you planning on searching for a job now?"

      Padahal I've been working almost everyday for the past 2 months =.=