Little Things 220 : Nice Surprise + Tokyo Guide 2

The next Tokiyo hunter after Kiwa was Ellianis. 
She went to Tokiyo early in April and borrowed the Tokiyo Guide during that time before sending it to the next hunter : Fatin - scheduled to go early in May :)

She bought these little omiyage for me from Japan as a token of appreciation  
She also shared some nice photos through email. It is beautiful spring season and flowers are blooming everywhere. I am so-oh jealous, everything looked so nice and sweet.

She gave me a sweet pink sakura sticker + handkerchief. I excitedly showed it to Ma and she asked me why people keep giving me nice cute stuffs? =.=' I don't knowww, sometimes people are just so nice and they have beautiful hearts. Kan.

Look at the colours ! So sweet and painfully beautiful, I asked Ma why can't she try softer colours for her stuffs like the Japanese do?

The handkerchief even have some little embroidered flowers in the corner there, look at that beautiful thing  

Note :
The Tokiyo Guide book by Hello Sandwich will be available next June, if you are planning on visiting little cafes and independent crafts arts +  craft shops, you can borrow the book for you guidance. Just email me :


Here is my current made in Japan handkerchiefs, I love it too much to use it :


Tasya just came back from Tokiyo too. I pesan to her to buy for me Af's favorite caffè latte while we visited Japan. But I just checked online from Japanese food products halal/haram lists here and they just updated their list and confirmed that these Mt. Rainier drinks contain emulsifier based from the famous animal, pigpog. Hmph, too bad we consumed a lot of these drinks in the previous trip - I checked before and there was nothing suspicious :o

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