Little Things 217 : Blogging and These Days

People are not into blogging anymore?

Perhaps yes. Over the years since I started blogging, a lot of blogs that I followed is either closing down, deleted, or abandoned. I remember when blogging was in its peak phase - almost around 1 in every 5 people I know own one. Now, they are more into micro-blogging : vine, twitter, tumblr, instagram, snapchat, etc. 

I think people these days are more comfortable with fast, short and straight-forward messages than long written posts. Even I have difficulties in writing things other than my routine updates and something more towards written expressions from my personal thoughts these days. I guess partly because I am still in honeymoon phase where everything is a bliss and partly because I've changed my environment into silent and calm place where I sit alone in my apartment everyday :) So I don't see drama often than I used to, so I don't have anything much to write.

But, my love for written words is still here.

I don't see the point in deleting my blog, the place I express a lot of my thoughts and personal views, the place where I put my memories and written timelapses of my life. It's over 6 years now, a lot of things passed and changed, a lot of things still remains the same.


To celebrate this, I've made big changes to my blog. I finally added features that I wanted for quite sometime : the drop-down categories, featured posts, sharing buttons, recommendation posts and a nice clean minimal look.

I found the template in Etsy : Vefio Themes for $9.
It is way easier to buy a downloadable template, upload it and make my own custom changes than trying so hard to code it satu2. All widgets are ready to be used, just refer from the shared tutorial and walah! A nice modern looking blog for me. *pemalas mode.

This way, I can do more procrastinating in my newly improved space :

7 comments on "Little Things 217 : Blogging and These Days"
  1. please. dont. stahp. blogging. please. please. please.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm planning to keep on blogging for as long as I can.

      Mana tau dpt Alzhiemer ke nanti, I can read the whole blog - this might help a bit ! *terkena cerita Grey's Anatomy :D

  3. I truly admire your dedication to this blog! I can't even write a short caption these days :/
    I think I have a lot to say, but when I try to express them, I'm blocked.

    Keep on blogging, Azreen! :)

  4. Yes! masa buka mula-mula. Eh, da lain. But good lain. Suka juga. Ingat nak tukar template for the simple and easy one like this. But, to get this I think I need to menabung since I'm still study:D Sama, it's been 6 years too for me since I have a blog. I wish I can write more and more on my blog.

    1. I think blogspot pun ada the minimal template for free, but you need to do a lot of customization la to make it cleaner and widgetless :D Before this akak guna yg minimal template free tu for a year, lepas tu baru consider beli template yg ni sbb ada byk feature yg akak nak tambah :D
      You can always write more in your blog if you want kan :)