Little Stories 218 : Super Long Birthday - Af !

Af's birthday is on the 4th of April.
We had planned a long extended weekend with family and close friends. It started with a plan to makan2 at Ma's on Monday and Tokmak's birthday celebration on Sunday at my Aunt's house. And Af thought that we should invite his family to come over on Saturday and I also took that chance to do a potluck/house-warming at our small apt as well :F *because they keep on asking for it, ha.

By last Thursday I finished off all my freelance and Freepik tasks :F That was such an achievement!  ❤ My busy working schedule throughout the final March week's was so crazy - we didn't went out for our exercise routine and I didn't even have proper meals and sleep. Small pimples popped everywhere on my forehead and chin T^T On Friday, I went out with Ma to find additional groceries for my house-warming event and little presents for Af.

Af isn't really used to a big birthday celebration, but to welcome him to our family's tradition, we are having some extra fun making him feeling awkward and shy this time :D Extended celebratiooon!  


Saturday :
Af's family informed us that they will arrive probably during lunch hour from Raub. So we woke up in the morning to cook some stuffs - I prepared butter-prawn and spicy chicken and some broccoli with kewpie and a lot of white rice. I also asked ma to buy a bucket of KFC for additional food. Af fried a big pack of nuggets and he was in charge of the drinks. Af's mom cooked for us : sambal tempoyak, sambal hitam, ikan belah belakang, sambal terung, and papodom. Aja made a nice caramel pudding and Tasya brought 3 boxes of mini La Cremeria. Oh and I also bought a big box of cupcakes from Cakes de Lemari as substitute for cake. 

There were 9 from Af's family and addition of Ma, Aja, Waty and Tasya. No one ever came over to our house and on that day, suddenly the little apartment looked so small and pack and happening. We didn't receive any complains for the sudden chaos, I think my neighbour understand :) It was a successful first potluck ! You can't imagine how 2 introverts can pull-off a nice events without having panic-attacks. Ha.

We also went to Putrajaya with his family that evening. 


Sunday :
Af's family packed back and headed off to other places that morning. We had several hours off so we decided to go to the gym in the afternoon before another open house to attend. There was only the 2 of us at the gym during that hot afternoon, we had only 1 hour so I manage to run around 5km and packed back right-away. 

By 5 pm, we arrived at my aunt's house. We makan2, celebrated my Tokmak's 85 birthday - almost the whole family members were there. It was a really big event. They also sang for Af, so Af kind-off celebrated twice for his 29th birthday by now :D I got to eat Mi Kari that I've been craving to find.

Here is a photo my dad's family. Tokmak is in the middle, in green-coloured scarf. My dad is the one hunched down on the right, in beige-coloured shirt :


Monday :
Af took a day-off because everyone deserves to have a holiday on their birthday ! :D

I promised him saying that "we will watch Batman vs Superman together" after I finished all my March's freelance, so we bought an online ticket for the movie to watch at IOI city mall that afternoon. I didn't have high expectation for the movie or watch all the sneak-peak trailers so I think the movie was quite good. All the hype about the movie was such a disappointment and bad *as rotten tomatoes gave them only 29% and thought the movie failed? Well, for me, as not even a fan of superheroes or action movies, I think the movie itself was quite good. I guess people just wait to find any reasons to criticize something big. I enjoyed watching Superman's pretty face, *akhem.

We didn't stop by at the gym as we planned because we had a big lunch at Fuel Shack ! after we watched the movie. So we headed back, and before we go to Ma's for our final Af's birthday celebration, I finished up all my task 3 Freepik and updated the invoice to my client. *yeay for super fast work!

Ma asked both of us to come after Maghrib, so I didn't help with the cooking and all. I think only Ra & Azmi helped organize the event. I only came as a guest :D As planned, there were requested nasi lemak from ma and special additional dishes of chicken rendang and ketam masak lemak! To appreciate the effort she put for all of us, I posted some pictures here. I know she spent hours preparing all these delicious and beautiful food - for AF! and we invited close friends as well.

The red velvet cheese cake was baked by Tasya herself, and it was supah-delicious ❤  Tasya brought 'her friend', Aja invited Waty and Azmi invited Wan. And Awan sat at the sofa looking very grumpy - I think she used to having many people coming over for makan2 by now. Since I got married, we did a lot of that and got to be more open to people other than our family. 


Presents galore :

I gave him some presents consisted of :
1) mini printed pictures of us because we almost have none except for the drawing Oren drawn for us both. So we can have something to put on our fridge :D I ordered this from Aja : 

2) Deck for his new iPhone in the car + screen protectors. 
3) Too small tshirt from Uniqlo - *hahaha. We are going to change the shirt to something bigger la later this weekend. Salah bajet size yong.
4) Return tickets to Siem Reap in the next 2 week. I bought the promotional tickets from AirAsia 6 months ago after our Tokiyo Trip. I hope we will have a good time there  

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  1. i thot the same with the movie!guess i've lowered my expectation b4 watching it.hehe

    1. My siblings are taking my mom to watch it this weekend :D
      2 pretty boys fighting <3