Little Things 213 : Muji Planner 2016

I love planners, because I love writing things down and I love to plan.
Usually there are 3 type of people : 
  • people who are constantly write things down - the planner, the organized freak, the to-do list person, the writer, the doodler, etc.
  • people who are not - even when they are given a new planner, they will probably give it to someone else or just keep it as a collection.
  • and people who are trying - they like the idea of planning or writing their to-do list and stuffs, but it will be left untouched after the first 2 weeks.  

So this post was made especially for the Anon who asked about Muji planner several days ago :D I've been meaning to write about it but I was too busy lately - up until I got sick and stayed at home resting for the day. 

Several weeks before the end of 2015, I went to Muji Avenue K and saw a beautiful big planners - full white and another version in full black. It is a weekly planner; one page show the listing towards the whole week and another page is an empty page of squared grids. I love squared grids pages because I can draw things down quite easily compared to the one-line pages. I wanted to buy it for work & freelance planning, but it was too expensive : RM 50 :F 

So I left Muji :(


Two weeks after the new year I went there again - just to see all those Muji planners in all sizes having a discount from 30 - 50% off ! The one I wanted was with 50% off - that means the price was only RM 25. I showed it to AF and explained to him about the planner and he said that I should definitely buy it :D Woooah, and I bought it right away. 

I thought that I wanted the full-white version but in the end I bought the other version :

It looked exactly like normal planner, isn't it?


Except that it has grid pages on each week and more of those pages at the end of the planner. It also has several pockets on the cover jacket to keep extra stuffs like ruler, washi tapes or post-it notes. I put all my illustration research and UI plannings. The things useful for my works, and been updating it every day because I keep on juggling several tasks at once - I keep on forgetting things ! 

It is a bit smaller than A4 sized paper.


The paper quality is quite good and thick. I've tried writing some stuffs using : Pilot - Pop'lol + Frixion + Wingel + Brush Pen and also Papermate Gel. No problem.


If you are searching for a Muji Planner, go ahead to Avenue K, 
they still got those discounted planners! 

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