Little House : 2nd Studio Apartment

So we've been searching for a place to live in for half a year ! It is really hard to find a decent place to live in with affordable monthly payment.

I'm in love with small personal space.
My previous studio apartment that I rented was 675 sq ft. This time, we found a studio apartment smaller than before, it's only 500 sq ft ! :D When the owner opened the door to the apartment, I knew I wanted to rent the place.

It is fully grilled and equipped with furnitures : well-worn sofa, tv sets, used refrigerator, shoe racks, washing machine, water heater, air-cond, queen size bed, nice mattress, decent curtain, blinders and everything required for a short living. It is like ready to move-in/Airbnb type of place. We are both still new in married life and we are still on our limited budget, so a fully furnished apartment in studio apartment is a real nice deal :D Some old stuffs pun boleeh lah.

We are on high-floor level so we can have the nice sunset view as well, we can even have a nice sunrise view from our corridor. Best kan? 360 view. 

Most fully furnished studio apartment costs around RM 1,500 these days. But we found one that costs almost RM 900 - fully furnished. T^T Thank you God, I hope we will be safe and sound throughout our stay. Amin amin.  


We are going to live in the small space for awhile now, at least until my family found a nice house for them to buy :) And I'll be back to my nest !

On the first day of 2016, we moved in the to place :)

2 comments on "Little House : 2nd Studio Apartment"
  1. Kat area mana azreen. Mine, rm900 800sqft partly furnished kat seri kembangan pun masuk 1st of jan jugak hehe

    1. Ehh, macam sama je kan.
      Area TPM & Bukit Serdang.