Work Related : Fancy Dinner

The 'bosses' held a small dinner party at Ben's on the last Monday night. 

There were 8 of us, the members of the new-born start-up company. He said thank you, and "let's us go further to reach higher". If this works, then I hope I help create something useful for people to use. The time is ticking, with God's will, I will have another 22 months to make this company one of the super awesome startup in Southeast-Asia. Amin.

But if it fails, then this still one of the best learning process I've ever been in.


Ohh, and I ordered for Mac & Cheese. 
Their Nachos Libre was nice too, I should learn to make some for movie nights! :F
Note : Always opt for simplest food at fancy restaurant, it works. *jakun mode*

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