Book : Honor by Elif Shafak

1.  Back in Popular Book Fair at Viva Mall two months ago, I bought Elif Shafak's book : Honor for RM 5. I've been seeing one of her book : The Bastard of Istanbul for quite some time and remember it because of its peculiar title written by a Middle Eastern writer. The name got stuck in my mind without I noticed. So when I saw "Honor" by Elif Shafak for only RM 5, I just picked it up and bought it.

2. On my random TEDtalk class while I was working, I found Elif Shafak's video listed in one of the playlist for aspiring writers. That's when I found out that she is a woman, she came from the Middle-East and she grew up in many European countries. I fell in love with her talk and found it inspiring enough to start reading the book right-away - to see whether she's really good. 

Here's the video :



3. I just finished the book last weekend after a month (alternate reading with : The Art of Thinking Clearly). I read several final chapters in one shot - I was hooked with the story and been waiting for the ending. I was also totally shocked by the unpredictable ending ! I've been reading so many books in my life and I usually know what to expect but this was different. It was a bit confusing at first because there was so many characters in each individual story but those stories were interesting enough for me to make an effort in remembering who's who. And she crafted all the stories beautifully.

4. I'm inspired, I fell in love. So I bought : The Architect's Apprentice at Big Bad Wolf last week for RM 8. I was searching for other books from her as well : The Forty Rules of Love or The Bastard of Istanbul but I did't find it - yet. I will definitely try those books as well. I found new love before the year ends  


Note : It's my 28th book from my 28 books goal for 2015 ! 
Another 17 days left before new year, I hope you reached your reading goal :D 
I'm getting ready for my 29 books for next year. 

2 comments on "Book : Honor by Elif Shafak"
  1. 28 books! what an achievement. i hardly finished 5 books! guess need to spend less time on social media and pick up books more often.currently trying to finish the martian and the hopeless life of charlie summers

    1. Well yeah, it was cukup2 makan. Last year I read A LOT because I took public transport everyday to work and read. This year I hard have any time to read.

      There are several more days to the end of 2015, ganbatte!