Little Things 198 : Sampul Duit Raya

Having a designer as a husband means 
I'm getting random hand-made items as a gift every now and then 

What's not to love?



and this is for those who still believes in love :

5 comments on "Little Things 198 : Sampul Duit Raya"
  1. Homaiii cantiknya sampul raya Reen. Design n sell it nxt yr please please

    Anyway i am looking forward to more posts about ur place. Now that it's a new phase for u things could b different/remain the same. Do u still grow pegaga? And diy stuffs?

    1. Well the illustration was taken from random searches on the net, so I guess we can't really make money out of it :p Aaaand for me to make such beautiful nice illustration, well well welll, we'll see how it goes in the future.

      My place, haha, we went back to my old home, the one that I bought and still living with my family. So for now, the apartment isn't ready yet. We are living like a packed tuna in a tin :D

  2. cantik. ada aesthetic value sendiri. sayang pula nak buat kalau cantik macam ni

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    1. Ahh, baru la it makes sense.
      Mula nya tak pasti nak reply apa :D

      Sy tak buang pun, sy simpan ❤