Doodle : DA x Blik Contest

Doodlers Anonymous x Blik created a contest to design a wall clock. I've been ignoring it for days until they sent the final reminder to try out for the contest several hours before it ends. I just thought "why not"-

So I submitted my Little Sleepyheads, because these little guys have been sending me to the whole world since I started doodling years ago *or maybe I just don't have any other good designs for a last minute submission. Ha.

There are 277 designs, doodles + illustrations submitted from all over the world, mine included. It is open for voting until tomorrow, just click here to vote. But you need to login if you are a Doodle Addict at Doodlers Anonymous and can just type for "Azah Azreen" from the browser's "Find" box, not the "Search" box *because that won't work. You can also view everyone's artworks, but it will take ages to judge 277 of them, they should consider to find for more efficient way to view everything so it's easy for us to compare, yes? 

You will see this :


If you like these little sleepyheads cramped in the wall clock, click on the asterisk below it. 
If you don't like, just ignore this pos and pretend like nothing happened t :D

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