Little Stories 91 : Tooth War Part 1

Other than slightly protruding lower jaw compared to other people, I have a nicely structured jaw with all teeth naturally in line. Even with 2 wisdom teeth back in my lower jaw making its way since several years ago, everything else is still in its place - so I don't think there's a need of meeting a dentist to take both my wisdom teeth out. I think there will be several more years before they are completely mature. Plus, I'm still waiting for my 2 upper jaw's wisdom teeth to start coming out.  

I don't think I went to see a dentist for almost 10 years. I'm taking care of my teeth religiously : brush my teeth 3 times a day and floss it daily. That's how serious I am in taking care of my oral hygiene. This is all because I have weak teeth.


I've had my first molar tooth (on the right side) crowned because it was badly broken while I was in school. Ditto the left one, several years later - it was halfway broken and my doctor did some nice filling that lasted for almost 10 years. Both my 2 first molar are really weak even when I was quite young and been taking care of my teeth. Imagine that.

About several months ago, the filling on my left molar teeth was broken. But I didn't go the the dentist right-away. Like any other people would do, I procrastinate. I cleaned up every time I eat. Up until several weeks ago, I started to have pain in my broken tooth. I knew pain wouldn't be a good sign, and I'm not really afraid of meeting a dentist so I had to called up for an appointment before it gets worst.


Last weekend, I met her again. It's been almost 10 years!

Part 1 :
A. First she did scaling to clean-up all the remaining plaques that I can't remove. I asked her, why is it possible to have plaques even when I floss daily? She said that some people have the tendency to form plaques on their teeth and some people don't. It depends on the people.
Pain level : 3/10, minimal blood, normal.

B. Next, she removed all the remaining fillings. She drilled and those old fillings were broken. Other than hard pressure and bad shrill, it was rather fast. She asked me to gurgle water, and the fillings were out. I just noticed that only half part of my first molar side left, she gave me mirror to see it myself. Kesian. 
Pain level : 2/10, no blood.

C. Before she can do any new fillings, she asked me whether I was in pain? She checked by putting something on my broken teeth and found out that I have an exposed nerve. I'm not sure whether she poked or what. But by far, that was the worst kind of pain possible in this whole course. She said she needs to put something to heal the nerve first before adding new fillings. Just in case, so it won't spread under a covered teeth. She put some medication for the nerve, by this time - I was almost halfway crying / halfway in  mortal pain. She was nice the whole way, motherly nice, so it was tiny bit ok.
Pain level : 9/10, no blood. 

D. She put some new temporary fillings and asked me to come at least after 6 hours. I made appointment for Monday morning, 2 days after. The temporary fillings got broken when I ate salad that night =.= Now it is half broken again, but with no exposed nerve, so no pain, only odd pressure on the empty space. She gave me pain killer pills if it feels too bad for me to handle. 
Pain level : 0/10

Total cost : RM 200 *covered in the medical fees. Plus I actually got more discount, hahaa. 
I didn't dare to go to government's dental clinic after I read several bad reviews online and heard that I need to wait for months for each appointment. 


It's actually an old clinic, family-friend's one. 
I've known her since I was 6.
That's why I've been going to her clinic all this time :
Klinik Pergigian Dr Munah, Seri Serdang. Map.

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