Little Stories 90 : Paypal's Spammer

This morning, I received a rather convincing email from Paypal regarding sending a payment to a stranger. I was shocked because I didn't send any payment to anyone for the past few weeks. *I used my mobile phone and I often use Paypal for Etsy payment so I come to recognize the email - it is almost really convincing. The different thing is there is a huge note down below stated " If you believe that Transaction not processed by you please Click Here for refund. " in different font. I am a graphic designer, so I am very particular about that. I just thought that it would be unprofessional for Paypal to make such mistake of choosing those font-type in huge size.

Here it is :


Before clicking on the link to report that I didn't send any payment to anyone, I waited to arrive at the office and I wanted to continue reporting the transaction to Paypal on my iMac. But, instead of clicking on the link from the email, I opened my account and that's when I realized that there was no transaction at all. I didn't make any transaction and I don't have to make any complain!

I realized by then that it was a spammer's email, a rather convincing one using everything from Paypal's email template. I almost click on the link, but I knew better. 

I reported the incident to Paypal's customer service right-away, I just think they should know that the spammers are doing a better job in creating convincing looking templates these days. They emailed me with things that I should do to help them investigate the email further.  

This is a note from Paypal :

Any time you receive an email about changes to your PayPal account, the safest way to confirm the email's validity is to log in to your PayPal account where any of the activity reported in the email will be available to view. DO NOT USE THE LINKS IN THE EMAIL RECEIVED TO VISIT THE PAYPAL WEBSITE. Instead, enter into your browser to log in to your account.


PS :  I know some people will be convinced with such email if they use Paypal regularly because it came out as normal as other Paypal email that I usually receive. If you are on Paypal, I just think you guys should know.  

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I used Paypal to buy most things online. It's a good thing I keep track of my purchases through online banking as well, so I'm sure if something's amiss. I won't recognize the different font because I seldom look at Paypal receipt on email.