Little Things 187 : Perfect Habitat

There is a jellyfish lake in one of the islands in Palau. The lake is connected to the sea through ancient tunnels. It is a lake with environment almost like the sea with salt water combined with original freshwater from the lake. It is completely isolated. 

A secluded perfect area. 

There are a family of jellyfish. Somehow they arrived in this big beautiful perfect marine lake. Their family grew, there were no prey, they didn't have to worry about anything. Perfect life, perfect environment. 

Along the time, they evolved. They do not have any threats from any other animals in the lake, so they don't really need stings to protect themselves. They slowly evolve and become stingless. They are now called stingless jellyfish. 

This is a picture of the lake from Wiki. Those orange dots are stingless jellyfishes :


I don't know how much of this is true, after all, I don't really go into marine biology. Here in the perfect secluded area with no threats, no enemies, no competitions - they slowly evolve to something more neutral like telling themselves that "there is no threats for us, why should we put a fence and make ourselves stronger if there is no harms in this world?".


In this world, I don't know whether to put our fences down is a good idea or not. This is a question many philosophers might ask before me and never found a perfect solution or answer. Whether we should accept the world as it is and not be ready for any possible harm, and create a completely perfect habitat to live in. Or to be completely ready - for any challenges, any possible threats, any danger. 

For all I know, almost all big countries are making themselves ready for possible big world war. Getting ready with new monstrous weapons and keep in secret, "just in case".

I question this. 
I want a big peaceful beautiful lake for myself that I can put my fence down from all the hate and evil in this world. But how much of this is real as human with thoughts and feelings. How much of this heavenly perfect place is enough?


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