Little Things 179 : Mass Media

When Mahzarin Banaji was asked about her thought on current state of mass-media in a Google Hangout session for one of the social psychology class I took, she answered something like this :
"I am super excited with the huge possibilities of our current technologies. It may seems too much to handle because we can get input from our computer, smartphone, radio, television, the internet and so much more. The most important thing for everyone is the skill to shape what you listen and accept from media. Media is like the food to the brain. You can choose healthy food for your body, so what do you choose to feed your mind? You can filter them, of course! You can learn to choose only good information for your mind, but for that you need to learn to differentiate them both." 

Well, I couldn't agree more. 
That's the main reason I deleted my Facebook account almost 2 years ago. At first, I only hid posts on my Facebook feeds when it came to insults, negativities, complains, trolls, politics and all things that make me sad or angry or offended. Then later I noticed that there were more posts that I rather not read from my friends than the one that makes me happy. Less shareable positive energies. Maaaaybe I've given up on humanity, or maybe I just don't want to upset myself anymore with all the screams and shouts. So I decided to close the account. Filtered my thoughts a bit. 

So I don't have to whine to my brother about every racist remarks random people posted or cry about every evil comments across any social media platform. Yes, I am that fragile.

Ditto twitter.
PS : I can't simplify my thoughts in 140 words. Less is more? 
Maybe that's not for me. Written words are my food.

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