Little House : Studio Apartment

It's another one-month+ before the wedding, I'm back at my hometown for good. I had an interesting life renting a studio apartment alone before actually committing to a life with an officially declared partner. Mihmihmih. 

Now, is anyone searching for a small studio apartment ?


Description :
The apartment is located right next to the LRT - Ampang line. 
Around 100 steps to the train station. Very easy to commute to work/class daily.
It is on the fourth floor, so you'll be exercising everyday.
1 bedroom + 1 living room + 1 toilet + 1 kitchen + 1 small verandah 
Door and windows fully grilled, double lock on the main door
Security on the main gate and every 2 blocks 
Bunk-bed + stand fan available 


The apartment is unfurnished :


Things I like about the house :
The house is well-lighted naturally, it got more than 10 windows. *great place for product photography project.
The privacy and nice environment.
Near public transportation.
There is something melancholic about hearing the train early in the morning. But I loved it.
It got a really nice view of the city. *You can see clear fireworks view at KLCC on the New Year :


Money related :
The renting price is RM 1100
Deposit = 2 + 1 + utility RM 100
Access Card = RM 20 *if needed - 1 covered parking

The owner prefers :
Small family or single/partner friends and students
Long term, minimum 1 year contract
Malay Muslim *sorry for the mention guys - this is what requested by the owner

If interested, please contact me via or leave a comment down below.

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1 comment on "Little House : Studio Apartment"
  1. la sewa dekat ampang je rupenye.
    dekat dengan rumah kite, ye ye je hari tu pi teka rumah dekat lrt kerinchi. :P