Little Things 178 : Trauma

I realized that trauma is not something that will heal over time. 

People who are traumatized by something need to acknowledge that they have something in them that is wounded or affected. People who are traumatized need to embrace this trauma as part of their history in life, accept and understand that it will always be a part of them, possibly not all in bad ways. People who are traumatized need to be ready for any possible unwanted things that can happen in life and learn to differentiate between what's in the past, the present and the future. People who are traumatized need to know that they can still choose their story. Because we decide how we see the world, we decide how to accept it. Our lives are curated by our decisions and thoughts.

We are not controlled by our families, friends, teachers, bosses, community or government.
The world is, as how you view it.
You are not a robot, you have a unique individual mind. 


In a small group of people who are traumatized by the same thing/incident, each one of the group member will still face the aftermath differently. After all, our thought, our mind, and our feelings are not all identical to one another. 

Some take shorter amount of time to heal, some take longer time and some don't ever heal at all. 

My question :
Who should we rescue first? Ourselves, or other victims ?
How much information should victims share to make people understand?
Is it possible for some people to never heal without any help from others?
When should I come to help ?


I am convinced that I am much better than 10 years ago.
I think my major reason is the state of my mind. When I learn to accept, when I study and do research for better understanding, when I read, when I forgive, when I avoid things that triggers negative energies. I managed to bring the best in me. 

I think the time has come for me to help other victims too, but the ultimate challenge is how?

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