Little Things 177 : Consumptions

Last year I spent around RM700 for books. I counted from all my collected receipts. That's around RM50+ or 1-2 books each month. Maybe I bought around 20 books or more if I count cheap books from Big Bad Wolf or second hand books as well.

This week alone, I read 4 books - 2 newly bought, 2 old books in my keeping, 1 just started last night. I tried not to buy as much books, but most of the time I can't remember how I even paid for them at the counter. It was an impulsive act. I am trying to read free digital copies on my iPhone as well. As much as I want to completely be paper-free and convert to be a digital reader, I still can't find the most effective device to buy and read digital copies. So I keep on buying more physical books. 


After some time, my eyes can skim as fast as it needs to collect important words from the text. I wonder when is 'too much' for an individual to consume information. If I can understand my body and muscle's warnings when they get too tired, is it possible for me to detect brain's exhaustion?  

I can live moderately on most of the things around me and I know when the time to stop or slow down.
But, am I secretly living like a greedy person when it comes to consuming knowledge and information? When is the time to say that I need to slow down? If people will gain weight every time we consume information, I might be considered as heavily-obese right now.

There is side-effects on everything if we consume more than we need.
So I wonder what are possible effects on this?


This week books :-
Displacement by Lucy Knisley
South of the Border, West of the Sun by H.Murakami
Rework by Basecamp
Damn Good Advide by George Lois
Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

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