Movie : Little Miss Sunshine (2006)



In this world no matter what happens, if you try to be good or be better at anything, there will be things that will pull you down. If you live passionately and you want people to see how better you can possibly be, and you want to share because you care enough to give the glimpse of what happiness can mean to someone else as it does to you, well don't. Don't share because you care for people, don't share because you want people to see what you see, don't share because you thought maybe things would be tiny bit better for any random people that cross your path. 

Because most people rather live in the blindness of their egoistical mind, maybe because we are human, and we feel special being human. We choose what we want to listen, we choose what we want to believe. We rather put an end, a full-stop, a conclusion, a summary to everything we choose to. 

I don't know why it's always I against you, you against me.


Well, as a student of life, I will always open my mind towards things in this world that can teach me about the good and the bad. I'll read as many as I can, I'll research as much I need to, I'll use quotes, I'll copy-paste, I'll rewrite in my journal, I'll obsess about the data, the analysis, I'll observe and I'll experience, I'll do anything to learn things. I look upon other people, people will always teach you things, if you are humble enough to set your ego low, and listen with your calm heart. 

This is how I learn, because I definitely know nothing in life.  

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