Little Things 168 : Macbookpro

I almost lost my MacBookPro two weeks ago.
In another few months, it will mark my fifth year with it. I remember the time I decided to buy it during my final year project in the uni to replace my desktop computer. It felt so long ago. 

In 5 years, 
I've replaced the charging wire for free because it was still on warranty and
I've replaced the internal hard drive because it went kaput. 

Other than being super-heavy and constant black-outs while using it to do excessive works nowadays eg. : editing stuffs in Photoshop and listening to Spotify while surfing online, there are no other problems. T^T I am super satisfied all these years. I don't think I'll buy another machine as good as this. Plus, I probably can't match the overpriced price tag. Ha. 


To the person who almost steal my Mac, 
the Mac is super old. It runs Snow Leopard because Yosemite is too heavy for it to handle. Most apps nowadays need the latest OS, and so this Mac is still stuck in the old days of simple app. I haven't updated anything for years because everything is getting too much for the Mac to handle. I'm using my old Adobe Creative CS4, with no intention of upgrading it. Everything in this Mac is old and fragile. Every excessive works leads to black-outs and we all know that all machines became automatically obsolete after the 4th year. And it is super heavy.

But for me this is still my best machine, and I'm holding on to this to the end of its live. 
Until the time comes, this Mac will be my companion.
So please don't to try take it from me.

2 comments on "Little Things 168 : Macbookpro"
  1. wahh camne leh nak kena curi tu?
    dia suh pi tukar baru tu laptop tu..hehe

    1. Waaah kak, boleh2, tolong topup kan duit sekali la :D