Little House 5 : Door & Security


1. Change to deadbolt lock, don't use only basic grill & bolt provided by the house, it is possible to unlock them using a master key. You must have at least 2 locks on the main door and 2 locks on the grill. Buy grade 1 deadbolt lock, with longer throw-bolt (at least 1 inch) and no exposed screws on the exterior. Deadbolt lock is the one with no knobs on the outer part. With a good deadbolt lock, burglar can't get into the house without really breaking the door or the door's frame. 

Note : Normal doorknobs can be ripped off with a pipe wrench in an average of 8 secs, and it can be easily destroyed by several hammer hits. Local police said that it is possible to just use a master key or break it using a shoe and a screw-driver. So, please change it to a deadbolt lock, it is way harder to break by force.


2. Change to proper grade 1 padlock for the grill. The police and security guards told me that padlocks like Solex are tough and hard to cut, but among the easiest to open if you know how to pick on the lock. They asked me to change to padlocks by Tricycle or Yale, or padlocks with custom keys. Range RM50+ each, the one that can't be open by force, cut through or picked.


3. Now that I've seen how easy it is to pick padlocks and door knobs' locks, I should mention other ways to double secure your door. Like using diy grip-lock so you can avoid burglar from trying to pick on the deadbolt lock from outside. Or installing other security products : chain-lock, security bar, lock slot, lock plate, and such from the inside. Be creative in exploring ways that you can improve yourself especially if you rent the house and the things you can change is limited in the contract.

DIY Lock Grip :
  • Install a door knob and a deadlock knob.
  • To avoid it from being picked by a professional 'silent' burglar, double secure it with a book strap and then lock it with a pair scissor between the turn-lock and the wall.
  • It is almost impossible to pick the lock silently without any strong force to the door.


4. Learn about your door, make sure it is at least solid wood. Knock on the door to check whether it is basic hollow door like those doors they use in the bedroom or toilet. Those hollow doors are quite easy to break by force.


5. Check the door frame. Some good options are concrete or metal door frame, compared to wood. To check this, try to drill on the door frame, you'll know. Usually you need to call for the home constructor to install door knobs, dead locks, because of the door frame. For example, mine is metal and concrete, so I can't drill into it using my usual equipment.


6. Don't leave spare keys at home ie: in the pot, below the 'welcome' mat, etc. Give to your other family members or trusted friends.


7. Install a peep-hole or viewer, so you can see people from inside. You can see people upfront without opening the door.


If you just bought a house and you are considering to upgrade the security of your house, make sure you do your research on these :
  • Grills on door, balcony and window
  • Solid wood door
  • Extra locks : addition of dead-bolt lock, chain-lock and lock plate
  • Install a peep-hole on the door
Bare in mind that although you might be spending some amount of money on these, *around several thousand, it is a good investment for your house.

But if you are renting a place, do your research before hand. You can ask the owner to improve the house's security like adding grills, change door knobs, and add other security products.


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