Plant Project : Seeds

Every time I go to places that sell seeds, I'll buy 1-2 types of them.
By now I've planted okra, alyssum, coriander, chinese celery, aloe vera, mini wisteria, gingko biloba, petunia, carnation, persimmon, mini red maple, and chilies.

Every glass bottles and egg containers are used as planting place. 
I've come to visit every nursery in my area, buy mixture of soils and pots, tell almost elaborated updates everyday to one that patiently listened. I learned a thing or two about soils and watering technique and the most happiest is to see them sprouting excitedly everyday. Too bad the only place I can plant them is in pots and I have to wait to see whether it works for them or not. 

And because I planted so many seeds and I didn't label them, I'm starting to get confused on which is which. All big sized seeds like wisteria and gingko bonsai aren't so cooperative, so nothing came out yet even after weeks. This leave me with stalking over thousands of littlest baby sprouts from smaller sized seeds.  

My goal is to have overwhelming greenery and colourful flowers in my empty apartment. I want to see them grow, to enjoy the slow process and to appreciate the beauty not by having to kill them i.e : bouquet of cut flowers as a gifts. 

I understand now, why my dad dedicated his days to planting plants. 
It's therapeutic. 



Carpet of snow, alyssum :


Okra :


Petunia or carnation ? :


Left over alyssum :


I always tell myself that you can see the core of a person by seeing :
1. How they treat plants,
2. How they treat all animals including dogs and pigs,
3. How they treat children.

See how a person treats those that can't judge, complain and give nothing in return. 
And you'll maybe see a tiny glimpse of the person's hidden soul.

PS : 
But my dad isn't so nice with people, and too nice towards plants and animals. 
This case study of mine always collides with this annoying fact. 
Maybe he just doesn't like human much, just like me.

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