Movie : Tony Takitani

Tony Takitani is a short story by Haruki Murakami in Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman - short stories compilation. It's one of my favorite. Most of all his short stories are very light and almost easy to forget - but I couldn't forget this one.

The truth is, I still want something from Murakami after the last book I read written by him several weeks ago. So I googled his name with films. Other than Norweigian Wood that I avoid watching, I found out about Tony Takitani and The Second Bakery Attack for short filmed-stories.

Weeks later, I got the copy and watched it.


It's a 75 minutes short movie by Jun Ichikawa (2004). Soundtrack composed entirely by Ryuichi Sakamoto. I can't forget some of the songs in the movie so I sometimes played the movie just to listen to the narration and background music. Just to fill my room with this song. T^T

Narrations and conversations are mostly short & simple, so most words are easy and familiar enough to my understanding. I love it. I love it to the point that I keep on thinking about it for several days later when I first watch it.

Something about the music makes my heart goes numb. When I listen to the song, it feel like something cold and sad is creeping on my body slowly, picking my last happy memories and turn it into infinite silence. It makes me ask myself whether this silence is what I want to endure everyday. This is a different kind of beauty. The one that undeniably touched your heart, but also the one that you try to avoid.



PS : 
I've always wanted my silence. 
But I don't want to be sad or lonely while having my solitude tho.
So, no Tony Takitani's life for me please. 

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