Little Things 162 : Flu & Mini Chocolates

I'm having a really bad flu and it's been 4 awful days.
I am supposed to start ferret-sitting Minka yesterday *boss is going on a 2 weeks holiday. But because of the bad flu, she said she'll let other colleague keeps her first. I've been excited for weeks =.='

So I drink hot green teas and took Vitamin C daily, ate chicken soup, ate Panadol Soluble last night that tasted like weird isotonic drink, and drink a lot of water. Nothing works, much. 

I got this energetic-but-with-a-sick-look at the office and right when I commute home, I'll get in this semi-consciousness state where my body only walks back home and my energy to do anything else depleted to almost null. Being sick when the mind isn't ready to rest is a torture. 

Maybe I've been putting a lot of energy towards work, maybe I've been enjoying too much of my time. Maybe I need more rest. A colleague once said to me that "people spend too much working, they forgot about living". The thing is I know most of my time will be spent on having money by working - and I accepted that, so might as well find a job that I really enjoy because I know I'm going to spend a lot of the time of my life doing that. 

So when I look back on the time that passed, 
I can really tell myself that I enjoyed it and I had fun.


I also bought a big pack of mini M&M to increase my endorphin level, 
so I'll feel happy and will get well fast. 


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