Little Things 161 : Hello Girly, you.

People who know me personally would probably know how much tomboyish I can be, for certain things. Like how much I hate weddings, dress-ups, make-ups, girly-pinky stuffs, glitters, shiny things, high heels, shoppings, girl-talks, and such. 

At 27, I still wear jeans, converse and sling bag. 
People at the office might notice my repetitive checkered shirts for as long as they know me, because I don't do clothes shopping much, so I don't have variations of what I wear anywhere. That one time my officemate noticed I wear lip balm, he asked why I wear lipstick, I cringed at the sound of it, I don't know why I want to deny and tell him that I used coloured lipbalm, totally different if I put on lipstick. I don't even have one. 

If I have to attend an event, I asked my sister to apply some eye-liner for my eyes because that's the only thing that I let anyone put on my face and they are quite good at doing it compared to what I sometimes do before I go to the office. So, I have an eye-liner stick and a coloured lipbalm ❤ 

I sometimes imagine myself being less boyish and more feminine, but I still fail at those things just because I don't really care much of my outward appearance as long as I look decent and less noticeable. Ha. My mom gave-up on trying to make me more feminine or buy me stuffs like moisturizer and foundation, because I'll end up give it away to my sisters. 

But then again, I do my own version of self-pampering like make my own yogurt mask or green-tea ice cubes for puffy eyes, and such. So I'm not quite sure whether I am totally against commercial products, or I am just being plain paranoid. And the only girly cloth that I really like is those printed baju kurungs, and I can't really do other girly dresses of any kind. How do I even climb a tree in dresses? Even though we don't really need to climb tree these days. Hm.

Not quite sure why I'm pointing this out.
Maybe just sometimes, I feel less confident being compared to those girly beautiful girls but why on earth do I have to compare my features and appearance with other people in the first place? Sheesh. I hope my future partner will accept my tomboyish look and doesn't force me to change just to be like somebody else.

Because the truth is, if I can choose, I'll go with jeans, converse and a sling bag, every time. 

5 comments on "Little Things 161 : Hello Girly, you."
  1. same la kite.
    lepas ada anak pun, i still wear "student look" outfits (converse+checkered shirt). i apply nothing on my face, i hate jewelleries, i dont wear my wedding rings (simpan dalam peti saja), luckily husband okay. lol!

    i guess im just being me. asalkan selesa. kan?

    1. Yaa, asalkan selesa and decent kan kan :D ❤

  2. PREACH. it's posts like these that makes me want to break more and more stereotypes eheheheh. i have dresses and skirts, but i only wear them when i feel like it or for special occasions like weddings or formal dinners, idk. i hate those but yeah i just need to go for family functions haha. but other than that? shoes over flats EVERY TIME. slippers. barefoot, even.

    i don't know if i'm disgusting or i just don't like the idea of putting on things that i don't even know on my skin. moisturizer tapi tau kah apa yang kat dalam tu? chemicals? :I and yeeeeeee i hate make-up hahaha i had to do make-up a few times when i danced in church, and i REALLY hate the feeling of it on my face and just wanted to wipe it all off after the performance. i cannot.

    people should be okay with whatever we choose to wear. asalkan decent can lah. :D (like don't show up at a wedding in singlet and shorts hahaha)

    1. Haha, I guess we are somewhat similar.

      I'll probably attracted to the word "organic" and "natural" most of the time while choosing products that I'm going to use on my body or consume. :p