Little Things 160 : Social Media

A liberating feeling when I finally deleted my Grooveshark, Twitter and Tumblr, cleaned up my Bloglovin' list from forgotten, deleted, boring blogs and leave only blogs that matter and I actually want to read. The real Facebook account has been deactivated for almost a year with no regret, only leaving the fake one that I'm using for the office's use. 

What I keep on updating for public view are : this blog and Instagram.
Other than that, I don't think I have anything much worth sharing in my life.

5 comments on "Little Things 160 : Social Media "
  1. Lerrrr! No wonder your Twitter account suddenly went missing. I don't know the reason for your decision but I do know how liberating it could be when you delete some of your social media accounts. I haven't done that (deleting accounts) myself but I have, from time to time, not logged into Facebook for months, and onto Twitter, for weeks, at times. One gets to escape all the noises and concentrate on the more important things in one's life that way. Would I ever find the strength to delete all my accounts though? I dunno, heheh!

    Anyways, do keep in touch! And all the best!

    1. Raaaaw,
      Well, now I can focus more on writing properly :p

      Hey, what other ways can we use to chat?
      I want to ask something about my next trip :D

    2. Well, we could have used Twitter :p

      Do you still use the same mobile number like before? Heheh! If you do, I can whatsapp you there.

    3. No more Twitter chats :F

      Haha, I thought you don't use Whatsapp much?
      Well then, I still have your number, wait I'll kacau you later :D

    4. Eh! I don't use that Whatsapp number anymore, haha! Will buzz you tomorrow.