Little Things 159 : Society

This excerpt was taken from the book I'm currently reading : Cloud Atlas. If you watch the movie, this is the conversation between Zachry (Tom Hanks) and Meronym (Halle Berry) in the future version where the civilized world is already destroyed and the Civilization is trying to find a new land hence, why she stayed with the valleyman in the first place.

Savage and civilized -
What's the naked meanin' b'hind them two words? 
Savages ain't got no laws, I said, but Civ'lizeds got laws. 
Deeper'n that it's this. The savage satisfies his needs now. He's hungry, he'll eat. He's angry, he'll knuckly. He's swellin', he'll shoot up a woman. His master is his will an' if his will say-soes 'Kill' he'll kill. Like fangy animals.  
Now the Civ'lized got the same needs too, but he sees further. He'll eat half his food now, yay, but plant half so he won't go hungry tomorrow. He's angry, he'll stop and think why so he won't go get angry next time. He's swellin', well, he's got sisters an' daughters what need respectin' so he'll respect his bros' sisters and daughters. His will is his slave an' if his will say-soes, 'Don't!', he won't, nay. 
So, I asked again, is it better to be savage'n to be Civ'lized? 
Listen, savages an' Civ'lizeds ain't divided by tribes or beliefs or mountain ranges, nay, every human is both, yay. Some savages what I knowed got a beautsome Civ'lized heartbeatin' in their ribs. Maybe some Kona. Not enough to say-so their whole tribe, but who knows one day? One day.

Not quite sure why I feel like the most important thing in this world is to balance up your knowledge with everything else that you do in life. Maybe as people said, to be able to control the society from destruction or seeing the whole truth. I'm not quite clear - but from what I see, with all these technologies and free open knowledge available everywhere, people still remain completely irrelevant. 

Maybe we thought we see some changes. Maybe it is. Or maybe it isn't. I feel like we are just shifting the background environment into a new modern version, but the whole system is just another repetition from previous repetitions. What happened today, happened before. We are just here to keep the system going, as long as we need to. And we feel important, we feel like we are making a history. A history in different name and look, but hidden behind the mask of the same theme and feel. 

Maybe what we need isn't changes in the technology, in trends, in society, in outward appearance of everything, but what we need is individual changes, starts from the core of everything, your heart and  your soul.

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