Little Things 153 : Plants

I've noticed that I've taken an obsession towards little plants.

Maybe to replace Awan's absence. I miss the cat a lot and she misses me too, but I can't let her stay at the new place alone all day long, 5 days a week before I come home from work everyday, can I? She will be terribly lonely T^T


I should thank my dad for teaching me basics stuffs that I should know to take care of plants when I was young. I've been in-and-out from nurseries around my area, trying to find nice little plants - but avoiding my dad's-right-in-from-of-my-eyes nursery. Ha.  

I hunted for some cactuses :


I'm going to live with Awan, books and little gardens in my apartment.
Now I need to find a husband to complete my little circle :D

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