Little Things 151 : Little House 1

My new place located right in front of a train station. 90 steps from the counter, to be exact. On the highest floor a small one room apartment could reach without a lift. I have 13 windows, including 3 in my room and 2 in the small kitchen with a balcony outreaching sunrise and all the other windows are in the living room with the view of beautiful city Kuala Lumpur from afar. Don't you feel me? :


I fell in love with the place when I first saw it. 
It was one of those random outing day to new places and from the train ride we saw those little buildings. 

"Look at those nice buildings!", I exclaimed.

"Do you want to stop here?".

And we went down and walked towards the apartments. I asked the guard if we could take a look around. We walked until the last block and snapped few picture of advertisements hanging on apartment windows. Later that night I texted all those numbers and Googled all the advertisements available online. That same weekend, I made an appointment to view one of the apartment with the landlord's friend - considering she is not living in the area anymore.

That afternoon I met her with her 2 children. 
I remember her opened up the front door and showed me around.
If there is such thing like falling in love with a place to live in, then that was the moment when I first felt it. Those huge windows, beautiful views, the small size, the apartment is enough for me. It was almost as I imagine a place that I would lived in be. 


I discussed the offer and agreed with the landlord to rent the place.
In 2 weeks since I saw it, I moved in and signed the contract.

When it's love, you'll just know.

4 comments on "Little Things 151 : Little House 1"
  1. may i know which area? looking for one room apartment too

    1. You can always Google one-room apartment in KL area, got several options :D

  2. is it the one next to universiti station right?
    penyibuk mode*

    1. Daww, apparently not.
      But even if it's right, I wouldn't tell :D