Little Things 149 : Whines

It is something about knowing what you want in life that makes it clearer to the eyes. It will somehow become a direct point A to point B, point B to E, and it goes on to a definite point at a time. 

I ask myself why people complained so much in life? 
GST, petrol, education, salary, chances, money, time, a list that can keep on going as far as any human can think of to complain about.  The answer is clear, you don't know the exact thing that you want. If you do, you probably don't really do anything about it except : complaining to yourself, or to the public. Whining like the world is going to listen to your thoughts - instead of doing something about it. 

Well guess what, 
words are only words, without action.
Remember that the world/karma/life doesn't owe you anything - at all. 

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