Little Things 148 : On death

A first sign of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die. - Franz Kafka

1. Franz Kafka is known as a depressed writer, he wrote things oddly beautifully and miserable. But I couldn't agree more with that specific quote that I read several months back, on the wish to die.
= If you start to understand the meaning of life, you'll greet death as your friend. 

2. Something that I also linked with Lucy - *the latest movie starring Scarlet Jo. In the scene when she finally used up all her brain's capacity and understands it all - despite cliche story line (Transcendence + Limitless) the philosophy behind the movie was so intriguing. It captured my heart.
= When you understand it all, you'll see that it is pointless to do anything that we thought was so important and huge in our lives. 

3. And I just finished reading Murakami's - Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki & his year of Pilgrimage, about Tsukuru that wished to die when his 4 close friends decided to stop being his friend entirely, without any explanation. He was depressed and suicidal, which were negative categories of wishing to die, so it is hard for me to relate to this. But, being simply said, it was about accepting death, accepting life. I think I need to reread this book, it seems like I'm missing a huge point here.


Greeting death as something natural is fairly understandable for me. I reached a certain age where I accept things that I can't control and I am aware of all things in this world with its hidden meaning. I see life and God and creation and the world, as one entity, and I realized that although I am here, physically, I am also not really here at the same time. How can I be exist and not exist at the same time?

Sometimes it is disturbing to think about the day when my very essence in life will no longer be here, and what I leave are just floating memories and consequences of every possible things that I did when I was here. But dying is just as natural as breathing, and everyone dies eventually.

Different roads to the same destination.

3 comments on "Little Things 148 : On death"
  1. Very thoughtful. Suka baca catitan2 Azreen. :) Simple yet so meaningful. I'm struggle with my life...meaning of my existence. I found once at unexpected place and person...but I lost it too. And I wish my life ended or maybe I have amnesia. So I can forget all the sorrows but because of my faith I try my hardest to keep going. Have you ever watch 1 litre of tears? I think..that story help me through my life. That drama are based on Aya's diaries. Based on true story. I badly want to read it but kinokuniya malaysia tak de jual lak buku ni. Cuba cari kat bookdepository pun tak de jg.
    Awak patut cuba tgk atau baca pasal ni. It's really inspiring. ^_^

    1. Well without pain you can't possibly understand life. Messy parts in life are like things that make foods taste better and delicious - they are spices, salts and peppers, all in one go :)

      Yeah, I watched that Japanese series before, years back and cried a bucket! T^T Best2.

    2. I agree. Its so true. Life is bittersweet journey. We need both to move on. Maybe we need some bad days to appreciate the beauties that lies beneath it. Life is beautiful.. (another great movie)