Little Things 147 : Being straight-forward

Although most of the time I am pretty soft-spoken, I can be quite straight forwardly rude. Can't blame it on introversion, because I had always been the one that wants to talk my mind. 

Example :

1) Normal question people would ask when someone just got back from a vacation is whether he/she brought back 'ole-ole' or not. I've never been so good with answering small questions, so I would ask "Why? Why would I buy you anything, it's too expensive". - Because I don't normally spend money on things while I go anywhere, that's the whole point of budget traveling, right?  

2) When my mom asks me why I hardly 'like' her images on Instagram, I would say that I only will 'like' images that I really like, but that also means that I don't like her posted images. And she will sulk over my honest opinion. She said I should 'like' it to show support, even if I don't like the image - and I said I call that as hypocrisy. She will sulk even more. 

3) When people say things like "the government doesn't do anything right for the rakyat" - I would probably reply with saying, "and you thought you are doing anything good for the country that deserves the government's attention?".

4) When people say that they look fat and unhealthy. I said then you should go exercise and take up a healthy diet, you are what you eat - it's not rocket science, so stop whining because I don't really mind how you look like as long as you are happy. 

5) When people whine at all, I said : instead of whining, try to settle the core problem. 
You actually already know how. 


Most people call it rude, 
I call it straight forward.

Sometimes I rather stay quiet and pray that I won't answer anything too straight-forwardly because no one really wants to know the truth and I really need to get the whole idea of social communication - or I'll end up being a jerk all the time. 

But most people trigger my honest opinion, and I don't like to lie. 
Ends up with me as a jerk after-all :F

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