Little Stories 80 : RapidBus Driver

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Several night ago, I waited for my usual daily-routined bus in front of the train station. From afar, I saw the usual Rapidbus arriving and when it was near, people crammed to get in like the usual Malaysian way.

From the bus's door, I saw the bus driver with his formal Rapid's shirt tucked in his black pants and his hair tidily combed. I sense some familiarity. You see, when you take the bus everyday for years, you'll come to recognize certain faces. It was the same ex-bus conductor to ex-Metro bus driver, now he is a formal driver for the Rapidbus. No longer in his slipper, blue jeans and t-shirt.

He grinned at me and I smiled back.

All through the ride home, I can't stop thinking about how he improved level-by-level all through the years - being an immigrant must be tougher for him because he has to compete with the locals.
But he made it :D And I'm happy for him.

He honked the bus and grinned at me after I get off from the bus to walk home. 

*PS : I just noticed that I wrote about people I met in public transportation a lot.

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