Little Things 142 : 100km

I reached my 100km ! 

Another 4 months before the end of 2014, so I'll try to add another 50km in my Runkeeper app. I had my 4th run yesterday, and another 2 to go. Other than Makna, I haven't registered for any run to complete my intended list of 6 runs a year. 

Mom asked me why I am doing this again?
Just for the sake of doing it, somehow it completes me.
Just like some people need to watch movie every week, or some people need to buy a certain car to make them feel complete. For me, I need to run.  


PS : And oh skinny people should know that when they run constantly, they can gain weight. Probably by having leaner muscle or what-ever the scientific term is. Because ever since I run, I have tendency to eat and I gained weight, in a good way : not as skinny-sekeping as I used to be.

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