Little Things 129 : Al-Muqtadiru

Things happening in Gaza, Typhoon Rammasun in Manila and now the latest news with MH17 being shot down in Ukraine. I am deeply depressed by the world, that I spent hours sweating and having panic attack when I should be off sleeping just because my mind can't seem to explain awful things that keep on happening. And I've been lead to this page :



According to Asmaul husna : Dengan Namamu Aku Hidup by Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz (page 249) :

Yang Maha Berkuasa Menentukan dan Menunjukkan Kuasa.
Allah SWT yang merancang dan menetapkan segala sesuatu yang berlaku di alam ini. Apa jua kejadian telah ditentukan dan dirancang oleh Allah SWT dalam keadaan yang sempurna dan rapi. Tiada sesuatupun yang dijadikan oleh Allah SWT yang sia-sia, malah semua yang berlaku ada hikmah disebaliknya. 


According to The Sufi Book of Life by Neil Douglas-Klotz (page 192 & 193) :

Embodying Power in Action.
Sometimes life calls us to act forcefully with compassion, knowing that the effort may not be understood. Perhaps life is calling you to remember that in the middle acting, the energy of your action is Allah expressing the One Self through you. As we saw in the pathway of Al-Majid, when we find ourselves in situations involving healing or another outward, obvious use of power, others can project the archetype of hero or heroine onto us. If we accept this, it is a big step towards forgetfulness. In this sense, Muqtadir reminds us that Allah is the only hero. It is also reminds us that all beings already embody sacred power - nothings needs to be added from the 'outside'.


Behold your sensitive souls, because things happen with reasons.
Cry with me upon sadness and pain, and find peace in your heart.
And don't lose faith because He knows best for us all.

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