Little Things 122 : Books & Reading

I am currently reading Steve Jobs's biography, the one my colleague brought for the promised book exchange. I took two weeks to start reading it because of the size and thickness *imagine I have to bring it to and fro everyday. This would be my third biography. 

As I get older I realized that I'm getting fussier in choosing books. It might be because of the time limitation and I avoid reading something time-consuming and bad. Or it might be because of the amount of books I've read sums up the experience so I don't want to read the same thing/story - I want a new feeling each time. It's getting challenging to keep feeling refreshed and interested in finishing one book nowadays.

So this year I've tried poems, classics and biographies. I also bought several magazines and promised myself that I'll read word-by-word in the articles instead of looking at all those distracting images. I'll also probably read award-winning books and some motivational/spiritual books - if I could find good ones. 

I secretly bought graphic novels online and keep saying I'm not buying any new books. Ha. 

2nd realization : I don't buy anything else for myself other than books. No new clothes or shoes or bags or anything - at all. This is even after almost 4 months working with TRP and I'm way ahead passing the era of cheese biscuits + twiggies for lunch. 

Even with enough money, I'm spending it with buying more books. When I was 15 I once asked myself that with the amount of books I was reading *at that time* will I ever be bored with reading? And 12 years later, I'm asking myself almost the same thing again, with the amount of books I can buy and read, will I ever be bored with reading ?

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