Little Things 115 : Connected

When I run, I feel connected with my body. 

The inner strength and physical movement combined to achieve something. I don't like to run, really. I don't like how the hot sun makes me darker, the smell of my sweat dampening my shirt, the huffs of my breath and my aching heart pumping blood rapidly throughout my whole body. 

But it makes me feel connected. 
The way our body says it is time to stop when our mind plead to keep on moving. I love how it makes me feel. I love the silent understanding, when both my mind and body agree that they need to work with each other to finish up the whole session. 

People forget this. 
The good connection that they need between the soul and the physical body. When you run, you'll get the connection. It's your personal time. I can hardly remember how many people did I asked to try running, even for once. I want people to notice this. The first few weeks are always the toughest, but when you get the routine started, it will all fall in accordingly. 

The thought of sitting in front of the computer whole day and night is just, amusingly disturbing.

PS :
I did my 8th run several weekends ago at UPM and just signed up for several more this year. How about you? 
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