Little Stories 75 : Compiled

There are 4 lifts in the building I work in.

Only one lift rings a 'bell-like' sound every time I press a button. For the past 2 months, I keep on asking myself, "why does only this lift makes a sound?". Later today my 'eureka' moment struck me. The lift is fully equipped for people with special need, in this case, the bell is probably created for blind people so they know that they had pushed a button in the lift. 

The lower buttons on the side part of the lift, the ringing bell every time someone push a button, the little 'wheel-chair' sticker sign on the lift's door. Why I took 2 months to realize the rationale of such a small thing ?


Several months ago my Mac Book Pro's internal speaker make a muffled sound when I watch movie or  listen to songs. A vibrating voices, something told me that after 4 years, the speaker might be broken/any other technical jargons that stating my internal speaker is no longer functioning well. 

I took that as a sign of aging.

Several days ago, I found out that when I plug-in my earphone into the Mac, it won't make any sound. Complete silence. Indicating that not only the internal speaker is broken, even the plug-point for the earphone is broken now. No speaker, no earphone.

1. I can't watch Grey's Anatomy. Might as well I learn to lip read.
2. No longer early morning song blasting in my sleepy ears.

Why do all things have an expiry date?

1 comment on "Little Stories 75 : Compiled"
  1. sebab ciptaan manusia tidak ada fungsi pulih semula,, mendapatkan sumber dan menampal..

    oh btw. boleh jadi masalah software, apa2 pun perlu diagnose dulu.. kut.