Little Stories 71 : Old books, old lady.

"Do you have any classic ? Like Fitzgerald or Tolstoy, and perhaps Nabokov or Kafka ?".

I asked the lady who seemed eager to help me find some books. I handed her the list of books that I made. She took the paper and went back downstair. I continued searching for any interesting books. Held some overpriced old books and put it back again. It is never enough when it comes to spending money on books.

She came back saying all the books were sold out.
I nodded and said that it is okay and she kept pestering with other books that I already have or don't want to read.

Rows of dusty plastic-wrapped books, my favorite hiding place, minus the nosy lady.
A very hot afternoon, sweating in my kurung and heels.

She kept saying;
"I will give you a really good price, choose any books".
And I really needed my February books, so I bought :

Hard-cover of 'The Thief Lord' by Cornelia Funke,
the paperback of The Children Books by A.S. Byatt.

She charged me RM 60.

I hate her right after I found out days later that one of the book is semi-damaged by water.
Dried, wrinkled and spoiled.
You old lady.
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