Little Things 109 : Hibernation

I've started doodling again.
This is the most exciting moment this month, other than my birthday celebration. I've started doodling again and running to catch-up the pace. The energy that has been sleeping for months, the daunting thoughts of looking at white empty pages. I'm filling up pages now, trying to find any time that I could use. Alhamdulillah.
Listened to talks by Shaun Tan, Craig Thompson and lots of TEDx while working. I guess that pushed me start doodling again, those list of inspirations. Do something without any intention of accepting feedback, do it for yourself alone - leaving all critiques and praises behind. And find your pace. 
Plus my new ridiculously expensive Moleskine notebook - so I won't waste ANY of those empty pages. Very inspiring kan. =.='
2 comments on "Little Things 109 : Hibernation"
  1. glad for you! i know how it feels like being stuck in an art block and being able to draw stuff that you kinda like again. (: also wow, listening to TED talks seem pretty awesome. i need to go back to listening to those again instead of watching silly YouTube videos haha. i really love reading your little thoughts (:

    also, i don't buy Moleskine notebooks haha. i find them overpriced. so i usually just buy normal sketchbooks or even more recently, make my own :D

    1. Moleskine is overpriced, I agree.
      But I'm not going to be 'berat sebelah' and only buy normal notebook - I bought too many of that already. I am a notebook collector, of course I have my day to splurge my money on sometimes. "haha, the alasan". :'D