Little Thing 107 : Busy

"Kita busy sangat, sampai kita jadi lalai kan?", my mom said.

"Eh, kalau Tuhan tanak kita busy, dah lama Dia kasi duit banyak2. Jadi kita tak payah busy kerja."

"Eh apa cakap macam tu, tak baik!",
 and so my mom scolded me for another "cakap main lepas" short session.

1. When I am busy, I remember God the most. Despite the time spent for works and time sacrificed to gain money. More difficulties, more sacrifices, the more I remember. I miss Him in my waking hour and I agree that He writes a better story, so there is no such thing as being busy and no time to 'beribadah' - like how people like to say. Because He is here - in your life, day and night, work and leisure, every single thing that you do, everything represents Him. Think it that way, then hopefully you'll never be far.
2. He wrote the story of our lives. Every single thing got reason/s. Busy then busy lah. We'll try to catch-up. Kalau duk whining about it all the time, then siapa yang tengah questioning God's decision? Note : Promise that you'll try to reduce whining to people - except to your partner, they have the unspoken agreement to listen to all your whines without any judgements, haha.
3. I feel bad when I tercakap lepas to my mom, this explains the blog post. What I meant to say is, I am trying my best as a human, to catch-up with things but worry not, my thoughts and responsibilities still be with Him. Life is a series of imperfection, and I am trying.
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