Little Stories 69 : First Day

After almost 2 months, I was offered to change department from LGM to RP, the online news publisher; which was much cooler than previous Social Media department. I've been wanting to work with writers and journalist, so it was like a small dream came true moment.  


My supervisor came down to greet me and help bring my stuffs to my new desk upstair. Along with my previous supervisor, we talked for a bit and so she said excitedly;

"Welcome, Azreen. It's good to have you with us."

I grinned.

"I'm fighting for Max, I hope you like Max! Cross your fingers! :D ", both of them smiled at me.

I've never heard anyone named Max at the office, and knowing I just worked with them for 2 months, I thought it won't be an issue to just ask if I don't recognize the staffs;
"Erm, who's Max?", innocently I asked.

They both looked at me, confused.

"Mac. The computer?".

"Oh, yes. The computer. Mac. Yes".

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