Movie : Juno (2007)

I watched Juno last night and instead on focusing on the main storyline, I keep on bugging my thoughts on different side issues.

1. It is not fair to ask a man to grow up, as much as it is not fair to ask a woman to wait for him to grow up. The level of maturity is something that is subjective, and it is different for each one of us. Two person that grew up together in the same environment might not even be on the same ground at the same time.

2. In any circumstances, being cynical is always considered as rude. In the movie, Juno is often cynical on everything, and cynical people are always insensitive to other people's feelings. I don't know how that is related, but I think it is possible that cynical people are afraid of being hurt, so they usually hurt people first, using words. It's almost like an automatic response. 
I am aware that I'm cynical, it's unhealthy and I am trying my best to control it. Plus, I hope that I am not as bad as Juno, I'd probably be the most annoying person in this family if that is how I am. 

3. Juno as a name. 
When I was 10, I learned about : Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta. 
Fiction : Everyone that reads Sailormoon should know those added Sailors in the team. 
Fact : Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta were considered as planets, lost time ago, before the astronomers learned that those were asteroids that orbit the Sun as well as other planets.
Fact/Fict 2 : In Greek mythology, Juno is the wife of Zeus. She was often considered as a very jealous and aggressive goddess, because in the myth, she tried to killed Zeus's children with other goddesses. So in the astrology, Juno takes a sign of someone in need of security in marriage/relationship and need to feel satisfied in their love life. - This probably explain why the main character's name is Juno, because it fits her quite well.

Added note : It was definitely not a comedy as stated above, and nothing hilariously funny about the movie. But it worth watching, of course.

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