Little Things 93 : Observe little things

Capturing human in words is never easy, observing little intricate behavior and putting those up in lines like an artist's careful strokes on his artwork to tell certain details. 

Like how swiftly an old man's finger moves on a modern touch-screen smartphone, while reading his latest e-mail that pops-up. How lightly a middle-aged man's hand touches his forehead, easing his headache, his eyes are all empty and tired. How intense a young girl's look while reading a paperback fiction. How two young lovers smile's curve while standing across each other, giving eyes signal, channeling what's in their mind. 

I observe silently, scribbling lines of word in my head, to remember and to feel. At the same time I observe myself in such a way that I have a third eye beyond things in the moment, like reading my story from a book written by someone else.

I love observant people, as much as I aware of my observant attitude towards things, I am aware of other people's observant behavior, to what extent will the person notices things or how little does the person sees it, does the person holds on to those little things as much I do ? 

I also like how they tell stories on little things in French movies, or how the Japanese writers write fiction along with abundance of those things unseen by the norm or meeting a certain people with observing skill beyond things I see. 

This thing delights me. 


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