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It took me several rides to work to finish this book : Spiral by Koji Suzuki. The book is the continuation of the previous book I read several months ago : Ring *the Japanese horror movie. It's not really a good idea to write my thoughts on the book at 2 am in the morning but ah well -. 

Basically the horrifying parts of the story turned into more or less a paranormal fiction. The book told us more detail about the Sadako viruses, how it spread/mutated and such. There were a bit on research, medical jargons and codes decryption which aroused my curiosity and kept me entertained all the way. I dislike the ending but didn't mind reading the third book : Loop.

By half of the read, it changed to : mystery instead of horror. 

Anyhow, the writer's research on the topic he wrote about was impressive. 
He surely did his homework.


I picked the book : The Reader by Bernhard Schlink, after considering reading some lighter book to find the reading mood back again. This is one of my favorite book *and even the movie by Kate Winslet. It is mainly a story about first love, illiteracy, the love for books, backgrounded with the Nazi-Jew huge unspoken issue. 

I remember crying after reading and watching the movie - I was touched by the pain it held in the story. In the book, it focused more on the pain dealt by the young character, about the lost of his first love, being left and met again after so long in court when she was accused of the mass murder *not quite. He found out about the woman's dark secret along the court's hearing process and chose to keep it hidden. The book was more on his personal thoughts and questions. 

Too much pain, 
I loved the book so much !

There's no need to talk, because the truth of what one says lies in what one does.

and I felt compelled by this quotation I read just now while waiting for the bus. I stated so many things in this life that I still haven't achieved. 

What are words without action? Only words.  

Update :

I finished reading the book in the train this morning. The last few chapters were so over-whelming I felt like crying T^T The writer wrote the story in the main character's personal thoughts and that way I felt closer to what he felt. The reading experience felt exactly like when I was reading The Time Traveller's Wife.  


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