Event : Mines Charity Run

I entered another 5 km run last week. This time I joined the event with Tasya, and without my brother ! It was a Mines Charity Run in the Mines, Seri Kembangan. Phew. It was my fifth run for this year, and I finally reached my 100 km targeted run & walk in 6 months time. I collected so many running shirts, medals and certificates - and I think I need a rest. I've wrote too many posts on running events already :p

For a self-reminder, the running track was a bit too hilly and there were so many huge dogs around ! 

I was interviewed by a local newspaper about the event. She asked me since when did I started running, and was I an athlete? I actually started running seriously this year, and I was definitely not an athlete ! I was far from being one. When I was in school, I have a letter from the doctor saying I don't have to attend Pendidikan Jasmani because I had a very sensitive skin - I started having rashes every time I sweat, like seriously. I was allergic to my own sweat. I am not kidding. 
But then, it got better over the years and I am not afraid of sweat anymore - this is for sure !  

For many people out there, if you want to join any running events, you can check out from myraceonline , runwithme or other running events sites. There are too many events offered, you can just pick one and try it out. 

PS : The tone of this post is very static because I am currently high on medication for cough and flu. Kudos Tasy, you managed to pass me the viruses.

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