Review : Webby Awards 2013

You can now check the new list of The 2013 Webby Awards winners and nominees ! 
This year I see a lot of Tumblr,  Nike+ Fuelband, McDonald's Campaign, and Pinterest.


I really like the winner of Experimental & Innovation category : The Silent History
This is what we can call as a great innovation! An interactive novel, written and designed for iPhone and iPad :
The Silent History is a groundbreaking novel, written and designed specially for iPad and iPhone, that uses serialization, exploration, and collaboration to tell the story of a generation of unusual children — born without the ability to create or comprehend language, but perhaps with other surprising skills of their own.
It is location based stories , in the US and around the world. That means you need to be in the exact location to read/know the story ! Combining stories, travels and technologies - I'm getting hyped, I wish the future brings much more great ideas. Please be fast, please please.


I also love the McDonald's campaign : Our Food. Your Questions.
It won several categories : Food & Beverage, Customer Service, Integrated Campaigns and also nominated and honored for several other categories.

Basically, people can type-in questions about McDonalds' food and they will answer it. Questions about why it looked differently in ads and the real one, whether they added MSG or not, whether their ice cream contains pig's hooves and such. 

This is a great idea, because of the never-ending rumors about their food, now people can ask and get a nice written-up answers with videos, and share it. 

Other findings :

1. An interview session with Mr Suraj Sharma aka Pi Patel from Mr Porter. There's this thing about learning about other people indirectly that excites me. Read what he said about Ang Lee's works, how became an actor changed him,  etc.

2. Comparing this and this. Click on 'Most Wanted' and you'll get a list of current nation's threats, click on 'The Stats' and you'll get a huge statistic. The wesite must be designed for tablets, I'm sure it will look beautiful on iPad. We need something like that.

3. Fourth Estate Leadership Summit, hosted by Invisible Children. I salute Invisible Children for keep coming with big stuffs after the viral Koni 2012. We need people like 5ifty&5ifty , look at their nice websites.

4. A nice presentation for an interview by Pavel MacĂȘk : Local Discovery

Okay, I'll stop now.

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