Little Things 78 : Summary of the Current Affair

Here is an ode to our current nation's affair. I feel dishearten by so many negative energy all around our nation through social network, newspaper and television. Be strong people, open your eyes widely and spread the love. At time like this, we should lower down our egos and unite.

Do what you want to do. 
Do what reflects you, what represents you as a grander version of yourself
If you want to feel bad, feel bad. 
But judge not, and neither condemn, for you know not why a thing occurs, nor to what end. And remember you this : that which you condemn, will condemn you, and that which you judge, you will one day become. 
Rather, seek to change those things - or support others who are changing those things - which no longer reflect your highest sense of who you are. Yet, bless all - for all is the creation of God, through life living, and that is the highest creation. - Neale Donald. 

I wish you peace.

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