Little Stories 52 : My Morning

I love early morning. I love the silence it brings.
It's the only moment that I can feel the serene coldness of what a new day can offer. So that leads me to become very protective over my morning. I wake up, I do my stuffs, I take shower, I eat my breakfast, I kiss my mom goodbye and I go out for work. No fuss. 

You don't have to talk much in the morning. Only important things, only beautiful words like ; take care or have a nice day or be careful. None of that ever happened anyway. 

Ask anyone in my house, I think everyone knows how particular I am about silent morning. Every time my mom starts to find things to complain about like all mothers do, I'll whisper : "No, no, please not in the morning", as much as I tried not to say anything. Because I know it will ruin my morning. 

I walk to the bus stop and wait for the bus, sometimes reading, sometimes staring at nothing in particular. Hop on the bus and start to read. 

Today, I didn't read. 
I sat next to an old lady who talked too loud with her friend who sat several sits back. It was too loud, almost shouting. I read 3 pages of Neil's book before I gave up and kept the book in my sling bag. I took out my earphone and turned on songs from my iPhone as loud as I can. But I can still hear her loud voice. That was for the 40 minutes bus ride. 

She ruined my morning over her loud 40 minutes conversation.
The whole bus was silent, except for her. 

4 comments on "Little Stories 52 : My Morning"
  1. an awkward 40 minutes.

    baru je baca fasal ni.


    1. Hahahah. Tapi kesian, tadi tu makcik tua.
      Still, it was annoying..

  2. hehe..kelakar juga citer awak n..kdg2 saya pun alami perkara yg sama..hehe

    1. Tulah, mesti dah ramai orang pernah kena juga kan :D